Voting of Custom Cards

We have arrived at the moment everyone has been waiting for! We present the finalists of the Custom Card Contest, commemorating the first year of the Team. Now it’s up to you to vote for the most creative card and the one that could be included in the game. The participant with the most votes gets 20 USD in his pocket.
We decided to show the cards without the name of the author to make it even for everyone. If you want to see the image in more detail and in better quality, click on the card in question.
You can vote until Tuesday, August 2nd! Warning, you can only vote for one participant, so make your choice wisely. Enter your gmail, and select your participant in the form
Once we have the winner we will announce it on our social networks.

1º Participant

2º Participant


Deploy: Choose an ability from the following three Deploy options:

Deploy: Damage all your knights by 1 and deal 3 damage to all enemy units on the

opposite side of the battlefield.

Deploy: Destroy an enemy knight and boost a unit by 4.

Deploy: Boost by 2 and give shield to one of your knights, then challenge a unit to a duel enemy with the previously boosted unit.

Order: Generate two bronze knights of your choice from your side of the battlefield with 1 power.

3º Participante

4º Participant

Steffan Skellen: Cursed

Deploy: boost self by 2 for each agent you control.

Adrenaline 3: Destroy a unit with power equal or less than the difference between the size of both decks.



Deploy: Play a bronze agent from your deck.

Order: Activate the ability of an agent, then boost your lowest unit by 4.


Deploy: Reveal the top card from your opponent’s deck and Banish it.

5º Participant

6º Participant



Deploy: Spawn and play Arachas Nest



Deploy: Spawn and play a monster card of 4 provisions.

This value increases by 1 for every 3 organic cards in your starting deck.

Order: Destroy an allied unit and play a spell wit provision cost equal or less to the power of the destroyed unit.

Gain zeal if you control 10 or more tokens.

7º Participant

8º Participant


Deal 2 damage to an enemy unit, if it is damaged boost self by 1.

Great Funeral

Scenario, Cursed


Progress every time you play a warrior.

Prologue: Play Draugr

Chapter 1: Play a Warrior of your cemetery and power it with the number of enemy units damaged.

Chapter 2: Power on 1 to all your warriors on your side of the battlefield.

9º Participant

10º Participant


Scenario, Doomed.

Devotion: It starts in your hand.

Scenario: Progress every time you play a soldier.

Prologue: Generate an Ard Feainn: Crossbowman in this row.

Chapter 1: Every time you play a soldier, or a soldier is generated, infuse it with “deal 1 damage to a random enemy unit every time you play a soldier.”.

Chapter 2: Give 1 armor to all allied soldiers in the field and boost all units of this row by the amount of armor they have.

[Ard Feainn Crossbowman]

Human, Soldier

Deploy: Damage an enemy unit by 2.

Barricade: Damage a random enemy unit by 1 whenever you play a Soldier.

Nilfgaardian General

Human, Soldier

Deploy: create and play a bronze soldier of Nilfgaard.

Devotion: instead, create and play a bronze soldier of your starting deck.

Once every round. When a bronze soldier would be play on your side of the battlefield, before spawn a copy of it with 1 of power and give it 1 of armor.

Ciri Empress


Deploy: Trigger the deploy ability of a soldier (1) times.

Devotion: Increase the amount of times by 1 for every 6 soldiers you played this game.

11º Participant


Human, Bandit

Deploy: if you control Ciri: Falka, spawn and play Crimson Rose.

Each time an adjacent unit receives a boost, Mistle is boosted with the same


[Crimson ROSE]

Give vitality (5) to an allied unit.


Human, Bandit

Deploy: If you control Mistle, spawn and play Crimson Rose.

Whenever an adjacent unit receives a buff, it deals 1 damage to a random enemy unit.

[Crimson ROSE]

Give vitality (5) to an allied unit.

12º Participant

Queen Butterfly


Deploy: Spawn and play Antherion

 Order: Spawn and play a nature card with 4 provision cost. Increases the cost of recruitment for each unit with harmony that you control.

13º Participant


Elf, Bandit, Wild Hunt


Deploy: Spawn 2 rats in this row.

Order: Transform 1 Rat into a Rabid Rat.

Charge: 2


Beast, Token

At the end of your turn, give bleed 1 to a random enemy unit.

14º Participant

15º Participant

We thank everyone for participating. And to those who were left out, don’t be down, you will have your chance in another edition. Good luck to everyone!

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