Nilfgaard Card Reveal

Hi, I’m mcm a player who recently got promoted to the Gwent partner program. In this article, I’m going to show one of the new cards, some combo ideas that came to my mind (without knowing the other new cards yet), and finally, my opinion about it.
Of course, everyone wants to look at the new card, so here it is.

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As we can see, this card brings new support to the tactics archetype, which got buffed the last patch; playing it alone will boost the enemy by three and then an allied by nine. So we are getting ourselves a six-point special tactic card for four provisions.
This card needs an enemy unit so it can be playable.
Now keep in mind that some numbers might change over time.

Combos Ideas

(Remember that these combos are made without knowing the other new cards yet)
1- Buhurt + Cahir
If we play this new card with Cahir on the field, we will boost by three our Cahir when targeting the enemy unit, converting it into a 9-point play for just four provisions. Pretty good.
2- Buhurt + Ivar evil eye or Vattier
Because both Ivar and Vattier gain value by targeting enemy units with high points, we can increase that value by boosting the targets with Buhurt, turning it into a 12-point play for four provisions.

My Opinion

I’ll give it a 4,5/5 because It seems like a pretty good card supporting the ascendant tactics archetype, and it offers you more variety in the actual pool of four provisions tactics cards that we have now. It can be a bit complicated to gain total value, but once you get it, it turns into absolute madness the number of points you can make.
Also it has some limitations when being played and makes an allied unit go very tall on points.


Video showing its mechanics

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