Infinity Splits – Guide to upgrade cards in Marvel Snap

Hello! I’m your friend Cacho78 and this time I bring you a complete infographic about everything you need to know when it comes to upgrade the rarity of your cards in Marvel Snap to Infinite and what most players don’t know: what comes after having done it .

Card Upgrade: Rarities

The first thing I must clarify, so that there are no misunderstandings, is that what is improved in the cards is only the visual aspect and always on the same card. In other words, the basic letter and each variant of these will have their own upgrade.

At first, what should be upgraded on a card is the seven levels of rarity. Here’s the order in which they’re achieved, the resources you need to use, and the collection levels you get in return:

Card upgrade: infinity splits

When a card is upgraded to Infinity split, it always starts at the common rarity level and a new upgrade cycle begins here that will lead to a new common rarity Infinity split card and so on. Some are much more difficult to obtain or only available after multiple Infinity Splits.

So far there are two levels of Infinity splits: background effects and particle effects.

Background effect: It is perhaps the most common effect because it only modifies the colors of the card or changes the background, leaving only the superhero from the original. This change can consist of altering the background or removing it entirely and replacing it with a new one. There are four background effects as of the date this article was published: rainbow, hexagons, inkify, and gold.

Particle Effect: These effects just add a cosmetic layer behind or on top of the card giving you a new way to highlight the 3D display of the card. Up to now there are also four particle effects: glimmer, sparkle, cosmic and Kirby crackle, named after the artist Jack Kirby who in the 60s popularized this way of showing the energy of superheroes in comics.

Probability of getting an Infinity split

The following table shows the percentage probability of getting a given Infinity split, but first there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can’t get it in an exact copy of Infinity split, it will always change something.
  • The first Infinity split will always be one of the two most common (Rainbow or Hexagon).
  • You may not get a particle effect in the second Infinity split, although it’s unlikely.
  • You can never get a particle background without first getting the background effect.
  • The third Infinity split will be guaranteed to have both a background and particle effect.
  • Inkifys can appear from the fourth Infinity split and Gold from the fifth Infinity split, but they are not guaranteed. Some players report that they have split a card up to eleven times before getting any of these.
  • Kirby Crackle can only start spawning from the 6th Infinity split, with only a 10% chance.
  • Infinity splits are calculated per superhero, not per card, which means that if you switch to a new variant that you’d like to upgrade you won’t lose your progress.

Snapper friends, I hope that the article helps you as much as it did me to understand a little better what the process of upgrading cards is like and the complexity to obtain a desired Infinity split.

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Until next time!

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