Infinity Snap – EN

Team Viper presents its first Marvel Snap tournament for everyone! Do you want to win prizes and prove you’re the best? Don’t wait to sign up! There are only 32 spots, and you have until February 19 to do so.


Registration is open until February 19. Pairings will be announced on February 20.

If registrations exceed 32 players, the remaining registrations will be alternates in case of possible retirements/absences.

Register now!


The bracket will be played in Double Elimination, so each player must lose two games to be eliminated.
If the player loses the first time, the player goes to the loser’s bracket, and if he loses again, he is eliminated.

The grand final that defines the cup champion will be between the winner of the winners’ bracket and the winner of the losers’ bracket. Thus, for the winner of the losers’ bracket to become champion, it must defeat the winner of the winners’ bracket twice.

The maximum number of participants will be 32 players.

Restrictions: you can only play cards from Pool 1, Pool 2 and Pool 3.
Cards from Battle Passes are not allowed (Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Zabu, Modok).

Consult the Pool here:

Each player may only play 1 deck in the entire tournament. It cannot be changed between rounds. You have to send the Deck Code in the form

How do I get the link to my deck? Login to Marvel Snap – Collection – Select your deck – Share

Once this is done, a code will be generated in the clipboard. Open this Marvel Snap Deck Builder link, and paste it where it says “Deck code”. Then click on “Import from deck code”, and then on “Save deck”. A link will be created, which you must type in the form.

Read the complete rules below. Join the Discord server to follow the event.



* 1er place: Battle pass of Marvel Snap
* 2do place: 700 Gold
* 3er place: 300 Gold