Infinity Snap 2 – EN

¡Team Viper presents its second Marvel Snap tournament, this time with no restrictions! Want to win prizes and prove you’re the best? Don’t hesitate to sign up! There are now 64 slots, and you have until March 16 to do so.


Registration is open until March 16. The pairings will be announced on March 17.

If registrations exceed 64 players, the remaining registrations will be substitutes in case of possible withdrawals/absences.

Sign up now!


Now because of the large number of participants expected in this edition, it will be divided into 2 phases. The first is a qualifier of 64 participants maximum, competing in Swiss format. The best 16 will move on to the second phase. This phase will be played from March 17th to 19th.
The next phase is a direct elimination phase, which lasts from March 20 to April 3, with the transmission of the final on the Aforismos Channel.

Restrictions: No restrictions! You can play whatever you want

Consult the Pool here:

Each player may only play 1 deck in the entire tournament. It cannot be changed between rounds or phases. You have to send the Deck Code in the form

How do I get the link to my deck? Login to Marvel Snap – Collection – Select your Deck – Share

Once this is done, a code will be generated in the clipboard. Open this Marvel Snap Zone Deck Builder link, and paste it where it says “Deck code”. Then click on “Import from deck code”, and then click on “Save deck”. A link will be created, which you must type in the form.

Read the complete rules below. Join the Discord server to follow the event.



* 1st place: Marvel Snap Battle Pass
* 2nd place: 700 de Oro
* 3rd place: 300 Gold

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