Casino Gwent Cup 3 Arrives

A new edition of the best and most original of Gwent tournaments is coming: the Casino Gwent Cup. This time it will have an increased number of players, new “meme” decks and a team of deckbuilders and casters of excellent quality. Find out about all this and more in this report.


The Casino Gwent Cup 1

The first CGC saw Jayce360 crowned, the Mexican competitive member of Team Nova was victorious in an exciting final against Rominado (better known as Petsitos), placing the champion of the “meme” decks in Latam.

This original edition had as main organizers Peluchon, ideologue and creator of the tournament, and AforismosTV, an excellent caster of Gwent games; and served as a platform for what would later be a much more successful version of the tournament.

The Casino Gwent Cup 2

The second edition of the CGC, already with the main organization of Team Viper with Peluchon at the head seconded by Davideq5, Mcm5392, TeaAdict, Jorgecada, Rodriguet, Dosen Casual Gamer and Cacho78; the Team Bandit Gang collaboration with Pokkas88, AcidBunny, Decode789, Sawyer1888, Neolink and Escanbryt; and the casts, in addition to Peluchon and pokkas88, from EmilleJ, MelGwent, AforismosTV, Erdemellora, PiotrCNS, Krosano, ZetoVega and ArtNhr. It had a high reception in the world of our beloved game, both for the players and for the spectators.

Players found a place to play competitively without having to use the same “meta” decks that are used in all Gwent tournaments, plus the chance to test their own in-game skills to handle decks they may never have played before. played or the inconveniences of playing a “meme” deck.

While the spectators felt the hype generated by the direct draws in the virtual deck roulette, they were also given the chance to enjoy almost all the games. Only 2 out of 63 games could not be cast!

We were able to appreciate unexpected plays, unexpected rounds and games endings and a spectacular final worthy of two excellent players like Rykov and Xhanthiax that was cast simultaneously in English and Spanish.

Rykov finally won the victory, taking the crown of the “meme” deck champion to Europe, in addition to the prize that was divided into: €50 for the winner (Rykov), €25 for the second (Xhanthiax), €25 for the third (Petsitos) and €104 for charity (War Child Organization).

The Casino Gwent Cup 3

But all that will be nothing compared to what you will see in the third edition of the Casino Gwent Cup, which will count as always with the organization of our team, Team Viper, and also the collaboration of Team Elder Blood and Team Legacy.

As in previous tournaments, the structure of 32 “meme” decks divided into Tier 1 and Tier 2 will be maintained, but this time there will be changes in the way they are assigned to the participants. It will be through a deck assigned by virtual roulette, a deck assigned by the public and a deck chosen by the player himself.

But these will not be the only changes, the quota will also be increased from 32 to 48 players, there will be a team of deckbuilders with Rykov, DosenCasualGamer and Mcm5392 as group leaders and a team of official casters will be created with EmilleJ and Peluchon as leaders of the same.

The date for the magnificent event of this game so loved by all of us is in January 2023.

But stay tuned! In the second half of January 2023, the Charity Streams will be made direct on Twitch to raise funds that will be used 50% to donate to a humanitarian aid organization and the remaining 50% as tournament prizes.

All Gwent freelance competitive players and teams are invited to take part in this fun and spectacular contest.

You can register at the following link:

Join the tournament discord and get all the necessary information.

We are waiting for you!

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